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ROTERFADEN is the German manufacturer of the TASCHENBEGLEITER calendar system. A patented clip mechanism inside the organizer provides maximum freedom. »Lift the clips, everything fits!«

Passend zum langlebigen Organiser gibt es das ROTERFADEN Heftsortiment, es können aber auch andere lose Papiere und Hefte eingeklammert werden.

Gegründet 2006, wird mit hochwertigen Materialien und großem Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit und Design zu 100% in Deutschland produziert. 



Owner: Beate Mangrig, graduate in communication design

Company address: Rosenstraße 11, 66111 Saarbrücken, Germany

Website and webshop: www.roterfaden.de

Instagram: instagram.com/roterfaden.de

Email: team@roterfaden.de

Telephone: +49 681 95 90 502

Founded in: 2007

Direct sales: global sales via our own online shop

ROTERFADEN retailers: approx. 60 retailers in Germany, Austria, France, Canada and the USA

Manufacturing: ROTERFADEN produces handmade items, made 100 % in Germany

Core product: The ROTERFADEN TASCHENBEGLEITER is a free-form organizer with an internal clip mechanism for storing papers.

Approx. ten Taschenbegleiter editions are available at any one time in addition to the TASCHENBEGLEITER CONFIGURATOR for personalized one-offs.

Other products: paper notebooks, sketch books and various calendars in A6, A5 and A4 formats that fit into a TASCHENBEGLEITER, as well as other small leather goods.

Pricing: notebooks from 2.90€ to 15€ / average TASCHENBEGLEITER: approx. 120 €

Corporate Responsibility:

- Consciously sustainable

- High standards of design

- Use of numerous recycled materials as an alternative to leather

- All sewing is carried out in Germany

- All paper goods are printed in Germany

- All our leather is from European cattle, with chrome-free or plant-based tanning and dyeing in Germany

- Repair service at cost price



ROTERFADEN in 500 characters

ROTERFADEN and the TASCHENBEGLEITER emerged from a design thesis in 2006. The topic for the thesis was »calendars«. Beate Mangrig realized that with so many different ways of organizing things, a system was needed that offered »maximum freedom«. The aim was to dispense with, for instance, the special perforations associated with other organizer/calendar systems. Keeping all sorts of different papers in ones organizer doesn’t automatically mean that chaos ensues. The integrated clip mechanism fulfilled the objective of maximum freedom.

The name of the company and the corporate design were also part of the thesis: the positive feedback and initial orders quickly made it clear that this project wouldn’t be over once the thesis was handed in. ROTERFADEN was born seven months later and the thesis was awarded a distinction from the university.

It took a year to mature from the prototype to the final product. The search for a suitable manufacturer for the stainless steel clips was particularly time-consuming.The first retailers were found and the business was officially registered in July 2007; the webshop went online in November. 

The first retailers were found and the business was officially registered in July 2007; the webshop went online in November.

ROTERFADEN reaches its customers via its own online store and a network of around 60 retails around the world. ROTERFADEN has also opened a store at its headquarters in Saarbrücken, Germany.

All TASCHENBEGLEITER are 100 % handmade from high quality materials in Germany. Each of the materials are described in detail on our website.

A TASCHENBEGLEITER allows customers to hold on to all their individual or bound papers – everything fits! Interior pockets provide space for other items such as pens, business cards, USB sticks, tablet PCs or e-readers.

We offer to send our customers material and color samples (from off-cuts) for free, to test the feel and get a better impression of the colors. We like to take the time to give our customers individual advice.

The “Product Configurator” allows customers to design and personalize their own TASCHENBEGLEITER, with plenty of options and extras to choose from. This very personal version of the TASCHENBEGLEITER can last a lifetime.

The TASCHENBEGLEITER can also comfortably accommodate electronic devices alongside the papers, e.g. with elastic bands, that keep the analog and digital worlds neatly together.

In addition to the configurator, we pre-sew special editions, available in slightly larger numbers (but still limited). These special limited editions are produced, for instance, when we test a new upcylced material. 

All items can be personalized.

At ROTERFADEN we don’t have seasonal collections, which means we don’t have surplus unsold merchandise that ends up on the scrap heap. We mainly manufacture customized orders »on demand«. In our opinion, high quality leather goods do not lend themselves to the short lifecycle of electronic goods. We prefer to make a cover that will last from one model to the next!

All the leathers we use come from European cattle, and are chrome-free or vegetable-tanned and dyed in Germany.

The TASCHENBEGLETIER interiors are made of 100 % pure wool felt, made by a German manufacturer, or vegetable-tanned, chrome-free suede leather.

The stainless steel clips are made by hand in Bavaria, and each individual clip is carefully inspected.

Our small, complementary range of booklets is limited to the most essential organizer contents such as calendars, note books and exercise books as well as special teacher’s calendars or – in cooperation with WELEDA – a midwives’ calendar. Our German printers produce the paper products using recycled paper or FCS certified paper. All booklets are bound with thread.

In cooperation with our retailers - and in general – we have dispensed with plastic packaging and displays, relying on tissue paper, parchment and paper adhesive tape.

In order to protect natural resources, we offer our retailers the smallest possible unit sizes, rather than minimum purchase quantities, which would then have to be destroyed if they remained unsold.

Sustainability is really important to us.

The off-cuts generated during the production of the vegetable tanned leather are combined with natural latex to form »recycled leather«. This material is available as an alternative to our 100% leather TASCHENBEGLEITER exteriors.    

And we do repairs! Despite the high quality of the elastic bands we use as penholders and to hold electronic devices at the corners, they can become worn - 7 or 10 year old TASCHENBEGLEITER have been know to end up back at our workshop for repairs. While we replace the elastic bands, we have the joy of seeing how well the leather, the clips and the seams have held up!

We have also recently entered into cooperation with VAUDE. Damaged tents, sent in for repairs but no longer reparable, have been given a second lease of life on the inside of our Taschenbegleiter ST_17.

We recycle printing blanket. The rubber printing blanket used in offset printing has already done it’s job of transferring ink onto paper many times, which has left traces of images and text in different colors. 

It’s soft but stable rubber surface and the unique ink residues make it a perfect material for the outside of a TASCHENBEGLEITER.