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100% made in Germany       

100% Made in Germany

Our booklets and all TASCHENBEGLEITER are hand made with joy in Germany. We only use high quality materials to produce durable and sturdy »bag companions« - many are customized one-offs. The sewing takes place in a small workshop in the Saarland region; our stainless steel clips are made in Bavaria, where every clip undergoes several tests. All ROTERFADEN BOOKLETS are printed and processed in Germany.


Recycled paper

Our business stationery, packaging, booklet covers, notepads and lists are made from recycled paper. All other papers are FSC certified. All booklets are printed and processed in Germany. 


No plastics!

ROTERFADEN says NO! to plastic for our packaging, postage and our display stands. We do without plastic wrappers and bubble wrap, and use tissue paper and masking tape instead.


We do repairs! 

Despite the high quality of the elastic bands we use as penholders and to hold electronic devices at the corners, they can become worn - 7 or 10 year old TASCHENBEGLEITER have been know to end up back at our workshop for repairs. While we replace the elastic bands, we have the joy of seeing how well the leather, the clips and the seams have held up! More information


Upcycling tent material

We have also recently entered into cooperation with VAUDE. Damaged tents, sent in for repairs but no longer reparable, have been given a second lease of life on the inside of our Taschenbegleiter ST_17 . Read more about VAUDE.
Read more about our materials.


Recycling and upcycling

DANCEFLOOR is a durable plastic flooring material that was specially developed for ballet dancing and is resistant to scratches. We buy it as off-cuts from the manufacturers. PRINTING BLANKET is indestructible and good-looking: fragments of printed words and images bear witness to the material’s previous use inside an offset printing machine. Every cover made from printing blanket is a different color.


Good vibes

GREENPEACE ENERGY supplies our ROTERFADEN HEADQUARTERS with electricity. Read more about Greenpeace energy.


Small lot sizes

We don’t order huge production runs that end up being sent back and disposed of or destroyed. Instead, we send smaller batches, and our retailers can order more if and when it is necessary.


Working conditions

Happy workers in good jobs! Sometimes we may need a bit more time to finish an order, and you won’t always have your delivery by the next day. No one works nights.


Durability thanks to the highest quality materials    

We work with high-quality materials from German partner companies. Whether the leather, the handmade stainless steel clips, the best rubber bands, the pure wool felt...... A ROTERFADEN TASCHENBEGLEITER last a lifetime!


Printing blanket recycling

The rubber printing blanket is used in the process of offset printing. Making for particularly attractive graphics! Shapes and stripes, traces of text and images, new color combinations. Every piece we cut out has a unique color and appearance when it starts its new life on the outside of a TASCHENBEGLEITER. At around 2 mm thick, printing blanket has just the right stiffness for a TASCHENBEGLEITER cover. Read more


No seasonal collections/customisation

The PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR allows customers to design and personalize their own TASCHENBEGLEITER, with plenty of options and extras to choose from. This very personal version of the TASCHENBEGLEITER can last a lifetime.