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100% made in Germany       


The midwives had already been keeping an eye on ROTERFADEN for a long time, this customer group has protocols, printouts, receipts, recipes and other paperwork, which can be fixed with our clips.

In cooperation with WELEDA the WELEDA midwife calendar has been produced annually since 2017. A TASCHENBEGLEITER WELEDA midwives has also been created. The inner pockets in format 21 × 28 are ideal for storing theWELEDA cards.



The large compartment and the inner bag of the zipper bag are made of used tent material produced by VAUDE
The used tent material is collected by the VAUDE repair service. These are tents that can no longer be repaired and which would be disposed of without this upcycling. Depending on availability we use tent materials in different colours. For example in green, light grey, dark grey, beige or orange.