Roterfaden booklets

ALL ROTERFADEN BOOKLETS ARE BOUND WITH RED STITCHING and are 100% made in Germany. We have a growing assortment of booklets that fit the three TASCHENBEGLEITER formats.

10 × 14 cm = (slightly smaller than DIN A6)

14 × 20 cm = (slightly smaller than DIN A5)

20 × 28 cm = (slightly smaller than DIN A4)

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If you need something that we do not offer yet, remember that this organizer system is based on conventional DIN formats. Soooooo many things fit in a TASCHENBEGLEITER – please allow us to advise you or consult a well-stocked stationery store.  Take a look at our booklet assortment.


Your own auto(matic) biography

Take care of your notes: the fate of loose ring binder inserts is to be left in shoe boxes or as tattered, tied-up bundles. It's really no fun to re-read them.

Createrainbow order: find nice, bound booklets on your shelf at the end of the year // project. The spines of the booklets vary by color and year so you can easily find the right one. Picasso, Van Gogh and Hemingway couldn’t have dreamt up something more beautiful!


How-to: Every booklet comes with a colored sticker. Sticker colors vary yearly.

The spines of the calendars have been color-coded in our color of the year since 2012 and do not need stickers.

Take a look at our booklet assortment.