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100% made in Germany

The clips

1 — Lift upper and lower clips.

2 — Insert booklet or loose papers.

3 — Close clips. Done.

Freestyle Organisation: A TASCHENBEGLEITER can hold all kinds of booklets and papers, without you having to punch holes in them.Our clips are produced by a german manufacturer.

(illustration: Joni Majer)

1) VERRY SIMPLE: The clips are easy to open (lift) and close (lower) using just your fingertips. It’s so simple, our animated illustration doesn’t even need words to describe the mechanism. A TASCHENBEGLEITER can hold all kinds of papers – printouts, receipts, bank notes, letters, tickets and »other stuff«. You can insert ROTERFADEN booklets as well as sketches, brochures, magazines, passports and exercise books to name just a few alternatives. You don’t need a hole punch.

2) FAIR: ROTERFADEN has made the TASCHENBEGLEITER compatible with the conventional DIN A6, A5 and A4 formats.

3) CLIPS SERVE AS BOOKMARKS: just insert them between the right pages.

4) DESIGN YOUR OWN: Combine your choice of format, interior and exterior materials, inside pockets and closure using our
TASCHENBEGLEITER CONFIGURATOR. And if you would like to customize your TASCHENBEGLEITER CONFIGURATOR even more, it is easy to add an embroidery or an engraving .

5) AUTOMATIC BIOGRAPHY: Each year, stickers of a different color stuck to the spine of your ROTERFADEN booklets turn your shelf into an organized archive of the past years’ activities. 

6) SPACE-SAVING: The clips »disappear« between the pages. This makes much better use of the available space compared to conventional ring bound organizers. There’s nothing to get in your hand’s way when drawing – a particular advantage for lefties.