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Meet Composer and Guitarist Benedikt Reidenbach

23. February 2019

We visited Benedikt Reidenbach in Berlin. As a freelance musician and guitar player, he’s on the road a lot, and over time, our ROTERFADEN products have become loyal companions.

Benedikt was one of our first customers and designed himself an oversized A5 TASCHENBEGLEITER using the Configurator, which he complemented with an oversized A4 TASCHENBEGLEITER last year. He uses the “Layout 2“ calendar to organize various activities such as teaching, musical commitments at church, choir practice or »Gitte Hænning & Band« performances, where he plays guitar. Bene keeps his music sheets in our clear plastic folders which clip into the A4 TASCHENBEGLEITER. He holds onto his iPhone for as long as possible – fortunately the next model normally fits in the (matching) smartphone case. In the interview before the shoot, he told us about the painful loss (through theft) of his eight year old “friend”.

We have noticed that everyone we visited is a fan of the quality and longevity of our products. Naturally, hearing this gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Benedikt uses an oversized A5 ROTERFADEN TASCHENBEGLEITER, an A4 TASCHENBEGLEITER with clear plastic folders, our paper notebooks and a Smartphone case.

The series is taking a short break while filmmaker Philipp Majer travels around the world. He’ll be resuming the series in April! Three more episodes have been scheduled and we have begun to notice some of our viewers developing a slight addiction!